Kamis, 09 Juni 2016

Visited Kampung Naga&Candi Cangkuang

At Tuesday(9/5), my friends and i went to Cangkuang Temple & Kampung Naga

Actually, my friends and I were accompanied by our teachers.The teachers who were with us were Mrs. Kun as our sociology teacher, Mr.Priyadi as our Geography teacher, Mrs. Dida as our ecomonic teacher, etc. We went there by bus. First, we visited Cangkuang Temple. In there, we got many informations about the beginning of cangkuang temple. Here, we were also to get informations about the culture around there. Here, we were guided by our tour guide. 

After we visited cangkuang temple, we continued our journey to Kampung Naga. When we arrived there, we took a photo together. After that, we had to go down 439 staircases to reach the village. We took many photos along the way. Finally, we arrived at the village. In there, we got many informations about the beginning of Kampung Naga. In there, we saw many traditional houses. We also saw many traditional tools that are used by the people there. Theres no electricity. So, we wont see any elecricaldevices such as television, a lamp, ricecooker, and many more. After we got the information about Kampung Naga, we strolled around the village. We also bought traditional candy. After we saw the beautiful scenery, we got ready to go back Bandung by bus. We also didn't forget to buy specialties from Garut on the way from Bandung. And we arrived in Bandung at 11pm.

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