Kamis, 05 Mei 2016

Compliment Dialogue

(Intan approaches Faris who has just performed a classical song.)
Intan    : "Oh my God! What a great performance!
Faris    : " Really? Thank you."
Intan    : "What did you play? What is the title of the song?"
Faris    : "It's the first movement from Sonata no.2 by Johann Sebastian Bach."
Intan    : "What? Ok. I get it."
Faris    : "I've heard that you won math competition? Is that true?"
Intan    : "Yes, it is."
Frais    : " Wowww! I couldn't believe your eyes. You must be really good at math. By the way, I have to go, Intan."
Intan    : "Ok. See you, Faris."

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