Kamis, 05 Mei 2016

My Friend

Hai! I will introduce my friend. Her name is Aninda Fadillah Rakhmah. She is born in 12 May 2000. She is now 15 years old. She's studied at 4 junior high school, and now she's studied at 3 Senior high school. In fact, she and I had been classmate at grade 7&9 when at 4 junior High school. Now, she and I will to be a classmate during 3 year because she and I social class. yeaaayyyy CAPS!:)

Aninda, people mostly call anin. Anin is a good people. She's Kind people. By the way, anin is head of the social class grade X. During to be head of the class, she is a wise people. anin like to a joke.
when in the class, she like to singing-singing. So, i happy when i with anin:) because she is kind people. How lucky i can meet and know anin:)))

I hope, you and i can be a successful people,Aamiin:)

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