Minggu, 08 Mei 2016

My Holiday

If someone people decide to spend the holiday to go to the recreation, for example: go to Pangandaran, DuFan, and another recreational, but i just spend the holiday to stay and pamper myself at home. Actually, i felt my holiday was very boring. But, i struggle and i trying to make my holiday to be a grafity holidays.
Fortunately, on 23th December 2015, my friends and i went to Tahura l, that's located in Dago Pakar.
In Tahura, i saw amazing view, and i didn't forget to took some photos there. Actually, i felt very tired when i hiking in there. Why? Because my friends and i walked 8km far away. Not forget, my friends and i visit Curug Lalay, it's around 4km of the entrance to the Dago Pakar. In Curug Lalay there is a river. I hope, when i visiting Curug Lalay, i want to see a clean water. But, the truth not in accordance with what i expected. In there, i saw bad view. Why? Because in Curug Lalay a lot of junk.  But even so, my friends and i enjoyed at there. We took some photos there. Finally, we felt so happy to play at there. After that, we decide to back to home together.

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