Minggu, 08 Mei 2016

Education For A Better Future

Education is the rent we get since birth. Because of education then we will know a lot of insight in the world in this life. supposedly, the spread of education that needs to be spread evenly. But in fact now in Indonesia education can not be said to be evenly distributed in all regions in Indonesia. Only in cities and major urban education can be seen. Lots of us have encountered in remote areas of educational equality has not been felt. Not only that, at this time in Indonesia children who are less able were not all able to experience the world of education.

The main problem in this problem is the absence of fees used to be able to experience the world of education. In addition, the lack of educational facilities in remote areas of both the facilities and infrastructure of education is another problem that causes children in Indonesia are not all able to experience the world of education. Usually, children who are less able or do not go to school will feel insecure or inferior can be said of the children who attend school. Besides the personality of children attending school and not in school will Distinct. Children who can attend will gain knowledge and learners to be a good person. Of course if it is not treated seriously by governments, children are less able they will not be able to feel that education can make children's future for the better.
To overcome this deficiency, the government should seek a variety of things that the quality of education in Indonesia can grow and thrive. For example, by providing assistance in the post to offset the cost of school education, providing another means of education not only in schools alone. Not only that, the quality of teachers must be improved with training to increase the ability of the teacher in delivering the subject to their students.

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