Minggu, 08 Mei 2016

Visited Museum Geologi

Oneday(21/6), My friends and i visited Museum Geology. It's located on

how the earth was formed. After that, my friends and i browse through all the hallways. In there, i saw and got some new information that I have never known before. We also saw a lot of kind of stones, fossils of ancient creatures, and also learned about the structure of the earth.
Actually, during we in there, Mr.Priyadi not accompany us until we went back to school. Mr. Priyadi, our Geography teacher said that he had to go back to school, because there was a visitor who wanted to meet him. Ok! that's not problem. My frineds and i still enjoyed there without Mr.Priyadi. 
once we saw  all of what is there, we also took many pictures. 
Finally, My friends and i decided to went back to school because we had a German Class-_-. By the way, i went back to school with Tiara, and Ismi by Public Transportation, namely Angkot.

In my opinion, visited the Museum Geologi is something interesting, because I can learn while playing. So, I think that's all. I could get something new that I have never known before. Actually I took so many photos in there. But sadly the web right now is error. So it can't upload any pictures:( Next time i will upload any picture.

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